We have some ideas here to get you going.


(If you don’t have a scratch account already sign up at: https://scratch.mit.edu/join)
  1. Getting started with scratch
  2. Animate your name
  3. Make a chase game
  4. Then start on Scratch projects here at Raspberry Pi


Write a program and then see your code run all in your web browser.

Introduction to Python:

TinkerCAD: Design, make and print a 3D name tag

Use CodeBlocks which looks just like Scratch

  • Go to TinkerCAD

  • Sign Up to use TinkerCAD

  • Watch the introduction video

  • Go to Resources -> Learning Centre -> CodeBlocks -> View All

  • Try “Intro to Shapes”

  • Try NameTag – we will help you get yours 3D printed

AI/Machine Learning:

AI for Oceans (age 12+)
Introduction to Machine learning.

Good intro with good videos.