Calibration is key for a great 3D print

The 3D printers in the makerspace get a lot of use – a LOT of use. They’re by far the most accessible of all the production systems in the makerspace and are a real favourite of some of our younger members. Like all production machines they need taken care of to ensure we’re getting the best results we can from them, and it’s easy to forget or not notice the gradual degradation of output quality as time passes. Fortunately some of our members have a really keen eye, or just a great memory, and will run some recalibration tasks on the printers to get things ship-shape once again.

Does this make a difference? You bet! See before and after pictures right here!

At the makerspace our volunteers want to help you get the most from the machines. So we’ll not only tell you how to use them but also how to look after this technology so that we can all enjoy using them safely and for longest time possible.